My main interests include Audio Recording in nature, Beading with natural stones and Photography. My wife and I moved from Eastern Virginia to the mountains of North Carolina in 2012, where I am now reinventing myself and my interests are evolving.

Photography has held my interest the longest and my passion was renewed in early 2004 when the eagles made their home in the middle of Norfolk Botanical Garden. From then I was hooked on capturing photos of birds in unique situations. This became my passion while living in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. One of the things I discovered was that taking photos of swift birds in flight improves my skills in following slow-flying birds during their flight. Barn Swallows in flight, for instance, offer very good practice. Now that I am in the mountains, I find myself taking more landscape and waterfall photos.

My Philosophy on Nature Photography: Travel light, respect nature, and the photo opportunities will present themselves.

I originally found using an audio recorder during a long commute to work every day as being a good way to keep track of passing thoughts and notes for the day. Over time, I started using the recorder while taking photos. Audio and photography complement each other very well. If there was not something to take photos of, there were usually some interesting sounds in nature to record. I became fascinated by the variety of sounds of mountain streams and in 2013, purchased a better audio recorder for this purpose.

I have an avid interest in the energy of natural stones and have found the various metaphysical properties of stones to be quite helpful in moving through problems in my life.  Different combinations of stones seem to speak to me and I am quite often amazed at how well they work - for myself and the people who wear my custom designs. I have a necklace I put on at the first sign of a sore throat; It will usually soothe the pain in 5 minutes.

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